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People of WordPress: Stefano Cassone

The People of WordPress feature series goes to Italy to interview web designer, photographer and translator Stefano Cassone.

News Wordpress by Abha Thakor
Celebrating 20 Years of WordPress

May 27, 2023, marks exactly 20 years since Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little forked b2/cafelog to create WordPress Version 0.70. Quite a bit has taken place in the past 20 years, and imagine how much more we can accomplish together in the next 20!

News Wordpress by Josepha
WP Briefing: Episode 56: What to Know About WordPress Playground

Join guest host Rich Tabor and WordPress Playground innovator Adam Zielinski as they discuss the capabilities and promise of WP Playground in episode 56 of the WordPress Briefing. Stay tuned for your small list of big things coming up in the next two weeks.

News Wordpress by Nicholas Garofalo
WordPress 6.2.2 Security Release

WordPress 6.2.2 is now available!

News Wordpress by Jonathan Desrosiers
WordPress 6.2.1 Maintenance & Security Release

WordPress 6.2.1 is now available! This minor release features 20 bug fixes in Core and 10 bug fixes for the block editor. You can review a summary of the maintenance updates in this release by reading the Release Candidate announcement. This release also features several security fixes. Because this is a security release, it is […]

News Wordpress by Jb Audras
WP Briefing: Episode 55: Happy Anniversary, WordPress!

Join WordPress Executive Director Josepha Haden Chomphosy in the 55th episode of the WordPress Briefing as she looks back at the 20 years of WordPress and how the open source community made WordPress what it is today.

News Wordpress by Brett McSherry
2022 Annual Survey Results & Next Steps

Each year, members of the WordPress community (users, site builders, extenders, and contributors) provide valuable feedback through an annual survey. For 2022, the survey received a comprehensive update, the first in six years. The total number of questions was reduced to 29 from nearly 100, socio-economic questions were mostly removed, and the Likert scale was […]

News Wordpress by Josepha
The Month in WordPress – April 2023

With preparations for the next major releases already underway, the community is gearing up to celebrate WordPress’ 20th anniversary, which is just around the corner. This month has also seen some major highlights, such as WordPress 6.2’s...

News Wordpress by Reyes Martínez